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collective defensess(2 of your office. thank you very much. >> president chiu: thank you very much. next speakermeuxr pleaset$>xs. there is a microphone to your closer to you. >> myy!y name is diana hamilto. i live and i've voted -- i lived for ross mirkarimi. mirkarimi was?,, i was guilty of that too. he's just a regular joe, who happened to be very ambitious. he done very good work in my community. and i appreciate it. now, listen to what his wife said in the social media. and it's clear that she want her husband and her child intact. that's why i'm asking you to reinstate mirkarimi for sheriff. i voted for him. reinstate sheriff ross mirkarimi please. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. good evening. my name is marva brooks. i live in district 5. and i'm here to support ross and his wife. let me tell you all something. in district 5, when he first got &?ñpdo you hear me? a mess. young people doing whatever they want to do. everything thatd.fn happened th, he was the first person on scene. he was there. how many people you know, how many supervis
the answer left me with a different impression. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. colleagues, any final questions to sheriff's counsel? supervisor farrell. >> supervisor farrell: thanks. so just to be clear, on the timing issue, we've talked about this, ability and i know it's cn the briefs, your position is that mr. mirkarimi had no responsibilities towards the sheriff's department at all prior to the swearing in day. is that correct? >> i think the -- it's not necessarily that he had no responsibilities per se, but he had no duties of office. of course a person who's elected has certain responsibilities that we commonly understand, that they need to get ready to assume office. but that's not a duty, per se. because they're not actually in office yet. so i think we can distinguish between the responsibility that an elected official has to prepare for assuming office between the time of election and the time that they're actually in office. >> supervisor campos: and if i could also talk -- madam city attorney, you offer a different opinion that it attaches basically on election da
's the position that i sit at today. >> presidenteóx chiu: supervisor chu. thank you. first off i want to thank the president for making your findings today. i think the ethicsfvf6 did do a good job of getting the information together. first off i do want tsgo) i know a lot of folks have spoken blf me my colleagues have spokens points before me so i don't want to go through them but i think it's importante;vuz talk about some of the reactions and comments i heard today just because as i was sitting here anduxinr we talk -- i think everybody talked about how dirp 1q it is, and none of us are pleased to be here, turn. there are people who saidóé ñ domestic violations advocates were trying to break up a family. i don't think they should be wd5 in that light and i hope this conversation helps us to understand thisbcz÷ better. they are not the enemy here and i want to say that it was person make these comments. i was sad to smñ=w a number of people, after they made their public comments give high fives3dc9s to people
is that it attached on election >> supervisor campos: all right. >> president chiu: thank you. colleagues, any other questions okay. at this time, why don't we hear rebuttal from mayor's counsel. there are so many things that i v basicÜ core issue that's before you. and the issue that the sheriff raises againoznmez again, and hs raised from the very beginning, is his conte$ an that whenw sheriff commits domestic violence, when he pleads guilty to thatx crime, when he serves a three year domestic violence sentence, that'sin2uf just his n private business. that has no relationshipjs+rÑ ts office, as the sheriff of the city and county%fr of san francisco. and that simply shows a continuing failurez/[. to underd the issue of domestic violence, to]@j understand the pivotal importance that this city's response to hisejáq domestic violence as sheriff carries. watching. and i think many are probably astounded by the notion that our normally progressive jurisdiction, our jurisdiction that usually reaches out to protect the victims, to protect the powerless are considering allowing a sheriff, and enterta
're going to take him as an example, then do the same wi-)xferybody else. thank you. >> president chiu: thank youcé1. next speaker. hw.,mz patrick.on, supervisors. i trust that you got my letter that i sent#ç$1v you yesterday. the ethics commission did not find thatiyvÑ mr. mirkarimi committed any misconduct while he was actually%#ap sheriff. the legal analysis that iiú4ú forwarded to you indicates one may fairly question whether the relationship test4q;z ms. keyser went into, adequately apprised is prohibited under san francisco's][e&- official misconduct law. at least if the official has limited experience playing the six degrees of kevin bacon does the mayor say any and all misconduct will result in someone being put on probation, even purely personal conduct totally unrelated to the performance of any of the official's actual duties? if so are ethics commissioners studley and han saying anything different from what commissioner rene said. is their new relationship requirements so diluted that it amounts to no requirements at all, exactly what mr. rene suggested. and if that is
, will begin shortly. >> president chiu: welcome to the special meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors. it is tuesday, october 9, 2012. madam clerk call the roll. >> clerk calvillo: supervisor avalos, present. supervisor campos, present. supervisor chu, present. supervisor cohen, present. supervisor elsbernd, present. supervisor ferrell, present. supervisor kim, present. supervisor mar, present. supervisor olague, present. response wiener, present. mr. president, all members are present. >> president chiu: ladies and gentlemen, please join us in the pledge of allegiance. madam clerk, do we have any communications? >> clerk calvillo: there are no communications. >> president chiu: if you could read three items related to the official misconduct hearing. >> clerk calvillo: item 1 the board of supervisors sitting as a commission of the who will for a public hearing on the san francisco ethics commission related to charges of official misconduct presented by mayor edwin lee against sheriff ross mirkarimi. item 2 is the motion sustaining motion of official misconduct. in the
$>Ñ4s sheriff is guilty of official misconduct >> president chiu: supervisor kim. >> supervisoríyw want to repeat the points that manyrv) of my colleagues have been making tonight. but i did just want to say that""y )z was personally upset to see some members of our public criticize and> berate some of our domestic violence advocates that came out+eoañ today. i think that that was unfortunate and it was incredibly inappropriate. i think!íuyu that people are entitled to their opinions and just as your opinion is respected in this room ióc!<÷ think you should respect those of others. i think domestic violence is anhm0 incredibly sensitive issue. because of that we have to have a higher level ofiykó morality and ethics whether we have a discussion about what constitutes domestichhx+t violence. but i'm going to speak just to the issue that is before us i think that the board of supervisors is being asked to do four┐q things. one is to address the timing issue. when, atgta commitojaqs official misconduct.
information about it. read about it. you people in the audience, after we -- >> president chiu: thank you very much. i just want to mention, this is the public hearing related to the official misconduct charges facing our sheriff. we will have general public comment later on in this meeting. next speaker. >> members of the board of supervisors, ray hartz, director of san francisco open government. ross mirkarimi was elected our sheriff. he was sworn as our sheriff. he is our sheriff. that is the sum of the facts. the only thing that stands between him and his ability to carry out the duties of his office is this body. trust the citizens of san francisco. we elected ross. and if we want him removed, we are not shy. if you put him back in office, we have recourse, and that is to petition for recall, an the citizens of this city have done it before. if they feel it is appropriate, they will do it again. do not substitute your judgment for the will of the people. secondly, i respect all of the opinions here as i've told you many times before. people have relating to domestic violence. but i will a
as citizens. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, everybody. my name's peter, i'm with the).o lower haight street merchants association. everybody's talking about ross' past. i want to talk
to reinstate ross mirkarimi. reinstate my vote. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> supervisors, my name is ed cinchly. i live and vote in district 9. am very happy to have an excellent supervisor in district 9. last week, the elected delegates of service employees international union local 1021, which represents 13,000 workers here in san francisco, voted to ask you to vote to reinstate ross mirkarimi as sheriff. this is not an easy decision or discussion for us. many of us, including myself, have worked with domestic violence victims for most of our careers. i just retired after 18 years of working as social worker in the emergency room at san francisco general hospital and spent many working hours trying to help domestic violence victims including getting some of them into places like la casa shelter. but our members, after long discussion, made it very clear that we feel that the mayor has been using this charter section in an unprecedented way to attempt to remove a more progressive elected official from office. and so our members are asking you to vote to reinstate him. in my
and yu should not let this abusebue continue. >> president chiu: thank you thank you very much. it goes fast.i zif and i need to enforce the two minute rule so that every member to speak. appreciate your respecting that time limit. thank you. katherine howard. to make. i have worked with ross mirkarimi on city issues. i believe he will be annr/hi excellent sheriff. i encourage you to reinstate him. i am appalled by the witchó2mot in the press. it is a disgrace. anyone in this room that had to stand up to this, it wouldse>éxe very, very difficult so i want you to think about that. thirdly, if you supervisors are really serious about ethics, you double standard in the way ross' case has been treated. he should be reinstated. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> thank you for taking all of this time, and this is a long hearing, i know for all of you. my name is lindsey -- you will notice it's about 40 or 50-1 at least indr8i5m of for ross' reinstatement. grassroots that votes and organizes. you've seen people from local organizations. and so i really doubt that p
shame on you. >> president chiu: next speaker. >> good afternoon, mr. president and board of supervisors. i'm in here, there are so many people inside here and outside, they're all supporting ross, from different backgrounds and different ethnicities based -- i've never seen that. myself, i have never seen that. and he did a lot for this city and that's why people elected him as the sheriff. and people elected him, not any other thing. and this is democracy. i love this city because in here, people don't look at each other with prejudice. and they don't label each other. they don't play political games. they don't look at each other with that. so show us that you are the true representative of these people san franciscans and reinstate ross. >> president chiu: next speaker. >> president chiu, and supervisors. i'd like that wave. that was very, very original. i'm terry anders of anders and anders foundation. and i'm here speaking in support of ross. i was sitting around these tables when ross created the reentry council. i was sitting around these tables when ross spoke up
. >> thank you, i know we're expecting president chiu to be presenting on this item. so from his office is also amy . chen. maybe we could -- -- since we do have ann marie rogers here for item no. 4, why don't we go to item no. 4? >> item no. 4 is an ordinance amending the administrative code to establish the right to revitalize housing ordinance. >> and this is an item that is sponsored by supervisor christina olague, who is also not here right now. so i'm wondering if we could just kind of hold off until president chiu is arriving. so our clerk is now getting in touch with president chiu's office. i don't think it's fair to supervisor olague to call her item when she is not here as well. let me just continue. so he is on his way. okay. for i. no. 2, as resources we have here chris hall from the planning department and also representatives of the department of building inspections as well. mr. chair would you like me to recall no. 2. >> yes, please miss miller. i. no. 2 is an ordinance madaming the administrative cold extending restrictions of apartment conversion ordinances
's fair to push hypotheticals both sides to -- the particular argument. i appreciate it. >> president chiu: thank you. ladies and gentlemen, we've been going for two hours. i understand our stenographer needs about seven minute break to rest her hands and switch out a tape. i suggest we recess for a few minutes and come back. supervisor elsbernd has some questions. >> (the san francisco board of supervisors is in recess) recess). >> president chiu: we are now back in session for our special meeting of 2012. we are in the middle of counsel. and i'd like to recognize?÷sgt supervisor elsbernd. >> supervisor elsbernd: thank%+q you, mr. president. a few questions. the first kind of follows up on the discussion that supervisors. in it supervisor wiener and you entered into a dialogue about the issue of this language being too vague, in your view that this language is too vague in the charter. just off the top, though, when i hear you argue that, was that not the exact argument that mr. mazzola made to the court, and argued that this language is too vague and the court itself found that, no, it'
chiu: if i could -- >> we don't work for you. remember that. >> president chiu: if i could mention that all comments during public comment should be directed to the full board. thank you. next speaker. are there any other members of the public that wish to speak in general public comment? general public comment is ended. madam clerk, is there in he more business in front of the body? >> clerk calvillo: that concludes our business for today, mr. president. >> president chiu: ladies and gentlemen our special meeting for today is now adjourned. ♪ >> welcome to hamilton recreation and aquatics center. it is the only facility that has an integrated swimming pool and recreation center combined. we have to pools, the city's water slide, for little kids and those of you that are more daring and want to try the rockslide, we have a drop slide. >> exercises for everybody. hi have a great time. the ladies and guys that come, it is for the community and we really make it fun. people think it is only for those that play basketball or swim. >> i have been coming to the pool for a long time now
. president, all members are present. >> president chiu: ladies and gentlemen, please join us in the pledge of allegiance. madam clerk, do we have any communications? >> clerk calvillo: there are no communications. >> president chiu: if you could read three items related to the official misconduct hearing. >> clerk calvillo: item 1 the board of supervisors sitting as a commission of the who will for a public hearing on the san francisco ethics commission related to charges of official misconduct presented by mayor edwin lee against sheriff ross mirkarimi. item 2 is the motion sustaining motion of official misconduct. in the three is not to sustain the -- of official misconduct. >> president chiu: why don't we start with a couple of housekeeping items. we have a number of individuals unable to join us due to the capacity of this room. there are at this moment at least three overroom rooms, room 263, 273, and on the fourth floor room 416 upstairs. through the course of this afternoon and evening, as there are other rooms made available on the fourth floor, we will open them up to the public a
>> yes. >> president chiu: okay. why don't we see if one of our clerks can assist you for a moment and why don't we proceed to another speaker so that we have a moment to figure out how to help you figure out how to use the laptop. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is george -- woyames. i am 68 years old, and i'm a retired medical social worker in county of san francisco and a licensed social worker in the state of california. between 1992 and 2003, i work for its jail medical service department of public health at 850 brian at san francisco general. i had compassionate release for dying inmates. all other sheriff michael hennessy. i'm respectfully asking you to reinstate ross mirkarimi as san francisco sheriff, to continue 32 years of rehabilitative programs initiated by sheriff hennessy, focusing on --mvfl redemption through education, mental treatment, diminution resid keeping the department of public health as the sole provider of medical service to9táÑ the incarcerated. rather than contracting them out to -- with knownt9"$ records of prisoners death and
than you need. i thank you for your time. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. my name is satar -- president of -- international television. 24 hours broadcasting, we cover all war, we are against -- we support human rights for iran, we are support democratic for iran. 31 years ago i -- my television here, san francisco, at ktsf channel 26. now, we are the biggest persian television outside the country, and we cover all war. mr. mirkarimi, in the last few years, he help us a lot. we had a lot of demonstration. the last one was here in san francisco, front this building. and they show up like almost more than 10,000 people. this demonstration was for democracy for iran. mr. mirkarimi supported human rights in iran. he support our fight against the terrorists in iran.ehe,<&c @&c"r woman rights in iran. you know that woman, they don't$ so mr. mirkarimi is jewel in -- for san francisco, an8xá his hee for iranian people too. 80 million people watching you guys and looking for your decision. hopefullyazw you make happy peoe people of iran. than
. thank you. >> president chiu:ats thanks. >> my name is barbara marquez, part of the domestic violence community. i am here to implore the board of supervisors to uphold the recommendation of the ethics and remove ross mirkarimi from office. our residents deserve to have a sheriff, someone elected by the people who uphold and respects the law, as we are also expected to do so. there have been a string of recent domestic violence incidents in the media regarding high profile individuals who have been able to avoid harsh punishment. as a city, we must stand and make a statement that anyone, especially elected officials, will be held accountable for their actions. let us not forget, he did plead guilty to a crime. as a city, we must realize that the sheriff is a -- of his department. mirkarimi is seen as the leading example for his department and his employees. we deserve to be able to trust and respect our law enforcement officers. victims of domestic violence have the right to be protected by the sheriff's department without fear that our issues will be taken lightly. by removing sherif
>> president chiu: thank you very much. and we will allow for twomq[4j minutes for a translation for what you stated under the rules of our board? is there someone whol/>bo wishes to translate? sir, please step up. >>9 m [speaking spanish] >> president chiu: sir ifsomo you could please step up and translate what you are ables sz to. >> translator: in a nutshell, thereqlc"k isn't an immigrant from peru, his kids were born and they believe they come here, they believed in democracy here. and one ofjñ the things he was saying that he knows ross mirkarimi and+s4!i recently he met ross and it was eliana's first day and ross tolda year he had over 400 people there to. and this time he was alone, trying to talk to thezu venezuela, basically in a nutshell. anybody else wanted to add anything÷$= else? >> [speaking spanish] --}÷ english not very good. that's okay. >> president chiu: you'veí w had your two minutes and our rules in the board chambers, if someone could translate or one member translate what
and reach out for help. thank you. >> president chiu: next speaker. good evening, everyone. my name is don/og ikele burger. i'm here to say ross is a8 man. i know who hates him. i first met ross, he was working with arms control resource center with -- you66kaç know, editing a book about the environmental impacts of the'qé rst gulf war. that's the first place i heard about -- later i helped ross as he co-coordinated a state effort to qualify the green party on the ballot 2000 nader campaign which youlkgj÷ know, many democrats to this day claim lost the election to so he's hated by warmongers and by democrats and he's run a couple of power campaigns so he's hated by pg&e and i fear that's where this comes down from. many here may have a long political career ahead of them and ask themselves can i do it without pg&e money. so i hope the vote goes well here and everybody shows strength. to the women's groups all i can say is i've known ross for a long time. i feel like as sheriff he will oversee your interests much
in san francisco. thank >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker#mj;c. >> hi. my name is jim and let me5zoñ bn by saying ross and elanea are we came to know ross as our supervisor and understood his intelligence, passion, and capacity to accomplish great things. all of us, human, and therefore noted p perfect. that brings us to the restorativei's justice issue tht ross supports, our da supports, supposedly everybody supports, theodoaç idea is that you're sud to acknowledge wrong-doing, you're supposed toúhlz apologiz, you're supposed to make amends to the injured party that are the goal is to return to societ and be fruitful and productive, and go forward. that's what we're asking5s)÷ yoo do for ross. we need him as our sheriff. obviously, from the comments eliana is very satisfied that he has made amends, and she has made it very clear how she wants this to go forward. so since we are all human, we all do make a mistakes. i'll repeat the quote that was given earlier, let he who is first without sin be first to cast the first stone. thank you. >> president chiu: thanks. next speak
in this room and no one listening has ever seen freedom and the freedom in the promised -- >> president chiu: thank you very much. >> my name is ron stuts. love and lies. it has been said that when the lion and the lamb sit in peace there will be harmony in the world. this applies to our own inner self as well. because the proper balance between ying and yang, heaven and earth, makes us wholecom with one in the universe. the pride of the lion needs the hunger of the lamb to lead with humility and love. the lambd6ré÷ needs the strengtf the lion to avoid being2n'vu devoured. the result is unconditional love and the kind of leadership that comes from the good side of the÷ heart. ross is a lion who has experienced a verygwñq public humility that most people would rather avoid and walk away from. but he5imc has wisely atoned fos anger and insecurity, being meeklysx%3ñ strong enough to asr rededges and forgiveness. be given the opportunity to demonstrate that he has learned for it at home, and in his elected position as i believe that ross is a better man for his recent ordeal,ay<÷ms willing
were we supporting this change but also supervisors president chiu, supervisors olague were actually in agreement with us and wapted to see this change be made. so i will now hope that you can support our request that you split the file and that you move and there is minutes per person. there is a small buzzer or ding that goes off with 30 seconds to go. >> so we need the microphone on. >> it's not on? >> there we go. this is my second time before this committee. i want to thank you for considering this new piece of legislation which actually it was a lot of questions why the mission district was left out from the legislation originally. i know it is very complex legislation and it has to be split in different ways, but, you know, they left the mission district out of it and i would like for you to consider this new addition to the legislation so we can move forward with a project that has been pending for about 8 years. in the meantime, some other businesses have grown out of the mission district and we are losing a lot of money at this point, not obl the money but also at the
. boss to make opening [kpho-ept/]s. >> thank you, supervisor chiu and members of committee. good afternoon. chief housing inspector. in addition, to the background that supervisor chiu just gave you, i want to add a few more item your conviction. board of supervisors of 15 years ago had an extensive hearing on the corporate rental situation and at that time chapter 41a as you currently see it before the inside of supervisor chiu's office left us with legislation that was underutilized and gave us no real tools to get to the issue of short-term and corporate rentals. and so i want to commend his office, amy chen, and also kate from the city attorney's office in coming up with legislation that actually would provide the department of building inspection with a stronger and more robust hearing procedures. it also requires anybody that is doing any of this type of rental to kept a appropriate records and also, allows for a civil action if somebody does not comply with this ordinance. i cannot think in the last 20s of any other time that this ordinance is greatly needed with the forec
in the future in the city. thank you president chiu. >> thank you. i want to thank you for your work you have done at department of technology and tough economic times and the fact of the matter is your department has been subjected to the lion's share of budget cuts we were forced to do and not asking departments to make similar cuts in their it situation and i think that is part of the tension and why we shouldn't know been able to make headway. you allude to the fact until you get direction from the top about need of centralization you had to form partnerships and you as the head of department of technology can't tell other heads to cooperate and you have to work out and partnership. one of the things that i wished the grand jury spent more time on. this is the trend we're seeing in agencies and governments around the country. by in large most governments have a growing decentralization and we know we're not doing that for everything but there are functions that need to be decentralized and we know there are successes here in california and the state is expected to save $3 billion. denv
, or mitt romney. >> president chiu: next speaker please. >> hi. my name is kathy black, executive director ofwc]%u la ca de los madres. the facts matter.41q$ the sheriff admitting a violent act against his wife.#[t he pled guilty to false imprisonment in a domestic violence quais. we have not been surprised by the minimize of the injury and unwillingness to takeÑ2 responsibility and blaming others. in front of you today we stand for victim(abq safety. it is also up to us to stand matter what paths they choose to take. accountability. the facts stand, sheriff mirkarimi pled guilty" to abusig his wife and as a result he is unfit to serve as sheriff. two outá]rcz three san franciscs in a recent poll indicated that office. i urge you to uphold the findings of the ethicsóí7? commission. thank you very much. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. next shnllr. int>> withg#f] all due respect s why he know we don't have a -- heart. today people show that he has been elected aqsu% i am -- my name is -- i'm media -- tv. honorable person. he worked with us. ceremonies,jkc rallies, demonstra
. he brought the plates up there and god just... >> president chiu: nexty speaker. ladies and gentlemen. if i could ask you to please be[oçoÑ silent. thank you. next speaker. >>÷b hello. frank martin dell campo, representing here on=xos the san francisco labor council. i'd like to share just some of our thinking on thisl$v÷ working women know about the issue, aboutc$:v9 dot domestic violenc
that you remove sheriff ross mirkarimi. thank5#%[ you. >> president chiu: thank you. next ;íòer. >> good evening. my name isqi>lv richard roarman, a 40 year resident of san francisco and a 20 year residen┌ of district 5. and the only thing i cannot sup02 mr. mirkarimi when he's been elected, and i voted for him, elected+j to uphold the office, and administer some law thatÑr÷ he's been presumed guilty of. and medicine elianaieou also, i want to say if you don't tell the postman that you're vacation to venezuela, the post office will not know to hold your mail. we did7dn+ this. had it not come to the media everything would have sailed through! have had his job. thank you. >> president chiu: thanks. next speaker. >> my name is bradley weedmiv)il executive board of seiu. i hope you will standc%gx up for the rights of the citizens of san francisco to choose their sheriff. the caseñ does not rise to the point of removing him. i have suffered morewywÑí violence from this city demonstrating peacefully
will reinstate him. >> president chiu: thanks. next speaker. >> hi. my name is -- and i'm iranian activist in my community, and also independent journalist. my whole community has been shattered by -- with what is going on with ross mirkarimi because we see that a hard-working man, somebo$6ó6with a lot of new ideas to make the system better for the jails,$swr keeping the crime off the street, and everything, is being punished more than what he hasgñ done. yes, he lost probably, you know, his cool, and he grabdly his wie hand. that's not good. i'm not saying that's good. bad of a crime that you take somebody who is working veryuu/q hard, very hard to get where he is right now. he's done great thingsb)ha 91juu know, city hall. now he has great past for being ayjó5í sheriff. take him away because of that? i mean did he beat his wife? did hiswnufy wife call 911? did they have a big fight? he grab his wife to stop and i'm married. these things happen. would i like; be irresponsible0r)és because -- responsible person because i do that? no. because this is not what he does as a sheriff. he does ap
chiu. >> president chiu: thank you. i wanted to state in thisj ninth hour deliberations i want to thank the public for all of thewíes perspectives and values and stories and truth that you've i want to thank the competent counsel on both sides of this issue. i absolutely want to thankh-w the ethics commission and its chair for your leadership and for your months of work. as has been stated as is probably quite obvious this may be one of the most difficult decisions that i think those of us e-ñ serve on this body will have to make not just because of the rare historic nature of what we9 because it involves a former colleague who as we all know, and we all agree, has served his constituents with such distinction and dedication. and my&dñ you and your family for what you've goneg. year. we've heard a suggestion tonight that we are considering a matter that somehow mayë7ñ be against the will of voters. unfortunately years ago, the voters ofubm san francisco included in our city constitution a process for the removal of p
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